the town t shirt NALIA Silicone Breast Lift Reusable Nipple Cover Nippleless Pasties



0.7 high14 wide? ?????? ???? ? These lifts are amazing, but they don’t perform miracles! They may be anti-gravity, but they won’t hold up D-cups for long! ? If you’ve got big boobs, you’re going to need more support than these provide. So, now you know! ?? ????, ????, ???????? & ?????????? ? These eco-friendly, medical grade silicone covers with integrated breast lifts can be reused many times. Just hand-wash with warm water and mild soap and let air-dry before storing.?? ??????????? ??? ???????? ?? Thin and a natural skin look and feel so nobody will notice you??re wearing them, even under sheer or backless/strapless dresses, t-shirts, wedding gowns, & swimsuits. And the lifts will keep your breasts supported and perky for fuller cleavage.? ???????? ?????? ? Thin edges so they??re not visible under clothing, but thicker center to hide and protect the nips and give the girls a little oomph. Large diameter (4??/10cm) so they stay in place with no ridges or lumps that are common with smaller reusable silicone nipple covers.? ???% ???????????? ????????? ? Order with the confidence from ??????, the only authorized seller of the ????? brand-name. If another Seller does not provide you with authentic, ?????-branded merchandise, return it for a refund and file an A-Z claim against them. Contact Amazon or ?????? Support if you have any questions.


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